Major recycling effort underway at site of new shopping center in Rome

October 7, 2019

Redevelopment of the former East Rome Kmart site may well represent one of the largest recycling projects ever in Rome, according to a recent article in the Rome News-Tribune. More than 6,800 tons of block, brick and concrete that was torn down has been crushed up and will be reused on site, and almost 800 tons of structural steel were recycled.

Wright Ledbetter, COO for Ledbetter Properties, said crews will be stripping the old parking lot and crushing all of the existing asphalt as well, all to be re-used as redevelopment moves forward. That will be another 5,550 or more tons of demolition that will be recycled.

“As developers, it’s nice to be an example of being conservation-minded when we can,” Ledbetter said.

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