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Company Directory

Robert H. Ledbetter, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 1358
Joe Holmes
Executive Vice President for Development
Ext. 2407
Andy Gates
Vice President for Construction Management
(706) 622 5016
Hollis W. Ledbetter
Acquisition And Development Analyst
Ext. 4016
David D. Ledbetter Executive Vice President for Leasing Ext. 0145
E. Wright Ledbetter
Chief Operating Officer
Ext. 4011
Angie Dunagan
Asset Management Associate
Ext. 4018
Robert H. Ledbetter, III
Vice President for Asset Management
Ext. 4012
Nikki Givens
Property Manager
Ext. 6138
Mike Wofford
Assistant Facilities Manager
Mickey Ball
Roof Maintenance Specialist
Joseph Wofford
Tracy L. Mobley
Vice President for Finance
Ext. 4014
Jessica Nadu
Asset Management Specialist
Ext. 4017
Temple Romberg
Office Manager
Ext. 4010