Main Street Marketplace, a $40 million investment that opened a year ago, drawing new business to Cartersville.

December 7, 2017

Monday, Dec 4, 2017 The retail landscape in Cartersville has been transformed thanks to the opening of the MainStreet Marketplace last October and other nearby business developments from R.H. Ledbetter Properties. In addition to more options for consumers, the developments are powering what could wind up being a 7 to 8 percent jump in sales tax for the city by year’s end. And more is on the way.

The Ledbetters own four developments in Cartersville including Main Street Marketplace (new Kroger), Main Street Shopping Center (Target and Publix), Main Street Commons (Kohls) and the new Main Street Point, the old Kroger building now home to PetSmart. Together, these developments are having a big economic impact on the area.

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